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After two back to back weekends racing in Montana, I traveled to Silver Star Canada for combined Super Tour/Nor Am races and suffered through a painful 10km for one of my best ever skate races. About this time last year I was lying face down on the shag carpet of the upstairs hallway in our West Yellowstone rental having been knocked out by an aggressive fever-inducing head cold.

Andy joined me the next weekend for a Canadian 3-race mini-tour in Rossland, B. Below me I could hear the chatter of my teammates and family preparing a Thanksgiving Feast/birthday dinner to celebrate the holiday and my 26th year of life.

I was very concerned though, when we banked left and did a complete circle in the air.

I made sure I was the last one to leave the plane and asked him about it when I saw him at the exit.

I could not do what I do without your support and cannot tell you how much I appreciate the many individuals and organizations who help make this dream possible to pursue.

Also my arms are going to be huge by the springtime when I finally finish these things. I had an awesome start to my season this year in West Yellowstone, Montana and managed to land on the podium in 6 of my first 9 races.

From The Balance Sheet, a Denver Post publication: Much of Denver’s attention is focused on landing international routes.

Spirit Airlines is for a certain type of traveler, similar to Bolt Bus in the Boston to NY corridor. The in flight entertainment and the pilot being informative about what was going wrong at the Atlanta airport. However, it is a common occurrence on this particular leg, so don't board knowing you might need to take a "break" before you get to Atlanta. At KAYAK we don’t set the prices, so it’s not possible for us to guarantee what other companies are selling.

The insane process that followed the flight of rebooking - it would have been VERY HELPFUL to have access to the inflight internet so that I could have rebooked my missed connection before we landed in the ATL airport where it was past midnight and there were hardly any staff available for us to talk to and the lines to speak to anyone took literal HOURS to get through. I hate that the crew makes fun of themselves for being an airline that charges for everything; that's not endearing, it just pisses people off more about the charges that come left and right. We compile tonnes of data for you Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once.

For now a quick update…think of this as the speed-dating version of blogging with 12 things in 12 minutes to cover the last 12 weeks (!!! I owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the November Project Fundraiser.

With your help I was able to surpass my goal of 5,000 push-ups and now have over 9,000 push-ups in my future along with a funded ski season.

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