Single parents dating kids with disabilities

But, you can’t lose yourself in taking care of everyone else.

You need to take care of yourself and have some fun to be happy!

You should remove this horribly inaccurate and insensitive post. This post may reflect possibilities for the less severe special needs situations, but it’s actually offensive to minimize the situations you clearly know nothing about. I asked this poster for more information about her situation, and why romance, sex and love is out of the question. Does romance have to mean full-time, traditional marriage- or something that works for both parties? I didn’t know who I really was until he was in my life. I am truly lucky and privileged to have him as my son.One good friend whom I trust implicitly (and someone who has a disabled child of her own) suggests I not tell a future dating partner at all."Just let him meet David, then explain that he's a child with autism.I happily call our home a circus – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.I also knew that most people wouldn’t be happy living in a circus.

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