Role playing examples for teen dating violence

Learn more about dating violence by visiting the Web sites listed at the end of this activity.

Materials Students will need: (Facilitator Note: The statements do not have to be hung in any particular order.

Despite the fact roughly one in three teens experiences abuse from a dating partner, most teens are unaware of the prevalence of TDV.

Other teens think they are immune to TDV, and view it as a problem that would never impact their lives.

Explain to the group, "There are ten statements hung around the room.

Prerequisites Before beginning this activity, watch the video listed below or preview the clips on the Web.

Role play activities may range from simple discussions or starting a conversation to more intense issues such as breaking up with a boyfriend.

As if navigating the rocky world of romance wasn't challenging enough, your teen's newness to these love-laden situations can make her uncomfortable or even anxious.

For up-to-date statistics, you can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline at

When the students enter the classroom, give each person ten red sticker dots and ten green sticker dots (or one red and one green marker).

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