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The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), mandated with its upkeep, has now written to the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) to send its team to examine the situation and suggest whether it would be safe to remove the protective sand cover, laid in 2002-03 to protect it from wasting away.

Chief minister NItish Kumar, on one of his visits to the site, had urged the ASI to excavate the Mauryan palace hall and display it for public viewing.

There’s actually a very emotional reason behind naming the village after Patna; one that you will be pleasantly surprised to know.

The tiny Scottish village of Patna is located in East Ayrshire and was established in 1802 by William Fullarton, whose family had a close connection with the state of Bihar.

READ| Indore-Patna Express accident: Despite warnings, no action taken against substandard management Five among these passengers died in the tragedy, in addition to seven cases of injury and hospitalisation and eight minor injuries.

On his return to Scotland, he began coal and limestone mining on the banks of the River Doon.

Findings indicate trade contacts with many countries.

Chinese celadon ware and porcelain has been dated to different centuries, showing prolonged trade.

Trade with the Roman Empire is evident from fine grayish-white rouletted pottery, knobbed ware and fragments of amphora.

Other pottery fragments originate from Burma, Siam and Arabian countries.

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