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unsolicited vulva photos appearing in their inboxes?Jamie Utt, a sexual violence prevention educator, explained to me via e-mail that men generally react differently to seeing images of a naked body, as they “are not the subjects of a constant, often violent assault of aggressive sexualization” in the way that women are.Men were clamoring to meet me, which is a great feeling even if it’s not for the right reasons.” There is nothing different about a man pulling his penis out and showing it to the woman next to him on the train than there is with him sending a picture of his penis to the woman he just matched with on a dating site.If women want to drive home the point that sending non-consensual photos of genitalia to someone is not okay, we need to hold ourselves to the same standards we’d like to see men abide by.The site routinely posts intimate images of famous women without permission and then removes them after receiving threatening letters from attorneys.

Any woman who has been on a dating site or app is familiar with the parade of penis pictures.

Many women love taking, sending, and receiving sexy pics — and that’s great.

I’m talking about a very specific problem: the online equivalent of the subway flasher.

To get the photos of Woods and Vonn, the hacker reportedly broke into Vonn’s phone and gained access to her photos as well as a nude selfie Woods had sent the Olympic skiier when they were dating.

The two split in 2015, and Vonn has since been dating former Los Angeles Rams assistant coach Kenan Smith.

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