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Though Bacharach is justifiably best known as a songsmith, his film scores are equally impressive, with BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDACE KID standing as one of his finest.

Iron Butterfly is an American psychedelic rock band, well known for their 1968 hit "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida".

The original members were Doug Ingle (vocals, keyboards), Jack Pinney (drums), Greg Willis (bass), and Danny Weis (guitar).

The Nightfly straddles these two styles remarkably well: New Frontier and I. The arrangements are less exotic than Aja, less moody than Gaucho, now minus the extended guitar solos and intoxicating bass lines that Walter Becker brought to the table.

The news just broke today: he was 12hrs from Year of Klaus 62. Thanks for checking out the archives of this show thanks to all involved in this 2nd Annual WFMU Graffiti special especially Karla Murray for co-producing.

Equinox seems a likely time to boogie into the great beyond, really, esp. And that German graffiti movie myself and Toofly were trying to remember name of is called "Pure Hate" and the best scene - where they arrive deep in the night in ninja like fashion ready to descend on a train with their spraycans is here on this You Tube link:

This collaborative piece by Lady Pink, Muck, Toofly, and Dona is of the four women artists' current installation at the Bronx Museum titled "Activism Is Never Done." - through August 2008 (photo by J&K) Billi Kid and photography by Allan Ludwig.

LADY PINK: PINK's present show "Brick Ladies of NYC" is at the Ad Hoc Art Gallery 49 Bogart Street in East Williamsburg with AIKO is on exhibit through April 20th. Ad Hoc MUCK: Upcoming exhibit on May 3rd "Le Femme Sole" at the Fuse Gallery in Manhattan TOOFLY: event info visit TOOFLY's blog at: Upcoming exhibit on May 3rd "Le Femme Sole" at the Fuse Gallery in Manhattan Only 5%.... How do you feel about current younger female street artists like Maya Hayuk and Swoon?

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